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Having a yacht is often synonymous with long sea cruises. Therefore, ensuring comfortable furnishings is essential for passengers to enjoy their outings to the full. You already know that good furnishings require quality furniture, especially when it comes to a luxury yacht.

If you are looking to buy luxury furniture for your yacht, you will need to know the right places to go. However, using a professional is often the best way to get yacht furniture that is consistent and compatible with the rest of your interior design. In this article, you will find all the information you need to succeed in this task.

How to fit out your luxury yacht and why call in a professional?

The interior of a yacht is often small, and yet it must be able to house all the amenities needed to feel at home, namely:

  • A kitchen area;
  • Sanitary facilities;
  • A rest area.

Moreover, the layout of a small space is not an easy task, which is why it is necessary to call on the services of a professional in the trade, in particular a designer or an architect. The division of the cabins requires a careful study of the materials, as these are supposed to be both light and tasteful.

On the other hand, fitting out a luxury yacht involves the choice of luxury furniture, and this is another point where the professional is indispensable. Indeed, the furniture must meet two main criteria in this case, namely:

  • It must be convertible;
  • It must be top of the range.

What luxury furniture for your yacht?

If we were to categorise the furniture of a yacht, we would talk about four main categories, namely relaxation equipment, technical equipment, utensils and lighting.


It is important to note that the ceilings of a yacht are low, which makes general lighting incompatible. It is better to use spotlights, which are placed separately in different areas.

Moreover, bulky chandeliers should be avoided, even in large yachts. Also remember that a yacht is a moving vehicle, so the choice of lighting should be limited to fixed lights for safety reasons. Indeed, floor lamps and table lamps should be avoided.

Technical equipment

In order to make the yacht comfortable for its occupants, it is important to ensure a water and electricity supply and a sanitation system, as the discharge of faeces into the sea is punishable by law.

A large tank is essential to preserve fresh water for use in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The yacht’s sanitation system is not built like the one on land, but rather consists of a tank with independent plumbing.

Who are the suppliers of luxury yacht furniture?

When you have a luxury yacht, furnishing it becomes a very important matter and often requires the intervention of professionals such as Sabrina Monte-Carlo.

Based in Monaco, Sabrina Monte-Carlo has an interior design studio. Indeed, it has an online shop where the different luxury furniture it offers are presented, as well as fabrics and accessories, particularly those for tables.

The company also has five showrooms, the main one of which is located at Bahia 39, avenue Princesse Grace, a few steps from its workshop. This workshop also specialises in blinds, upholstery, cushions and curtains.

Known for its international expertise, the company has fitted out more than 150 yachts around the world, including some of the largest. Sabrina Monte-Carlo uses skilled professionals and trusted craftsmen to select the best furniture and create the perfect décor for your yacht.

Indeed, the furniture used in a yacht is very varied and chosen from the major international manufacturers. We are talking about outdoor and indoor furniture, decorative objects, upholstery, fabrics, bed and bath linen, tableware, lighting and even sculptures.

However, if you do not find what you like among the products at your disposal, Sabrina Monte-Carlo will guarantee you a furniture transformation so that the result is as close as possible to your taste.

In the Sabrina Monte-Carlo online shop, the furniture sold is offered in the SHOP ONLINE icon, and is organised according to the following categories:

  • Tableware;
  • Cutlery;
  • Glasses;
  • Table accessories;
  • For the home;
  • For the bathroom;
  • For the outdoors;
  • For outside;
  • For the bar;
  • For smokers;
  • New products.


In this category you will find dishes, cups and saucers, often matching each other, i.e. of the same brand and sold as a set. In the tableware category, you will find several well-known brands, such as HAVILAND, J.L COQUET, JAUNE DE CHROME, BERNARDAUD, L’OBJET, PINTO PARIS, RAYNAUD, DOLCE AND GABANA, THEMIS Z, PINTO X SABRINA MONTE-CARLO.

Each set is followed by the name of the collection and the name of the brand. In order to know the prices, you will have to click on a set to obtain its description, its technical information and even its cost.


In this category you will find sets of soup spoons and forks, others of soup spoons only, others of soup spoons and teaspoons. On the other hand, you can find all these items sold by the piece.

The main brands of cutlery are Christofle, Robbe and Berking. In this category, the prices are displayed below the products. A Christofle coffee spoon costs €65, while a set of coffee spoons of the same brand costs €650.


In this category you will find glasses of all shapes, sometimes transparent and sometimes coloured, with water bottles, followed by the name of the collection and the brand. Among the brands offered are BACCARAT, LALIQUE, PUIFORCAT, SAINT LOUIS, Robbe and Berking, CARLO MORETTI, NASON MORETTI, CASARIALTO, etc.

Table accessories

In this category, you will find some table accessories, such as breakfast accessories:

  • Butter dish,
  • Salt and pepper,
  • Oil and vinegar set,
  • Cake display,
  • Mignardises for caviar lovers,
  • Serving trays,
  • Placemats,
  • Napkin rings,
  • Table decorations, etc.

By clicking on a product, you will have access to all available models and a list of the brands that offer them. Among the brands offering products in this category are BACCARAT, Casarialto, Christofle, ErcuisMila Maurizi, Robbe and Berking.

yacht luxury furniture
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For the home

In this category, you will find vases, bowls and centrepieces, sculptures, picture frames, trays, paper trays, books, candles, candle holders, tissue boxes, games, deskware, Christmas decoration. Among the brands offered in this category are Baccarat, Carlo Moretti, Daum, Feys Studio, Haviland, Lalique, Puiforcat.

For the bathroom

There are several items such as perfume bottles, baskets, vanity sets.

For the exterior

Decorative elements such as hurricane lamps and baskets.

For the bar

Products such as bar glasses, decanters, champagne and ice buckets, coasters and glassware.

For smokers

You will find Elie Bleu tobacco and Baccarat ashtrays.

New products

In this category you will find all kinds of decorative elements, such as vases from Daum, Lalique, Assouline, Kim Seybert, Von Gern Home.

Other companies are known for supplying luxury yacht furniture and fittings. TECNOFORM, which since 1985 has been creating furniture for sailing boats, motor yachts, motor boats and yachts, is to be mentioned.

In addition, a factory has been created, specialising in complete furniture and interior and exterior tables for sailing boats and yachts, with veneer as the main material. The tables can be circular or oval in shape, with sophisticated inlay. The customer can order outdoor tables in teak wood.

Thanks to the knowledge of nautical production, added to the knowledge of RV furniture, TECNOFORM products are known for their refinement and design.

On the other hand, there are three French decoration and luxury houses that, by joining their skills, have made a revolution in the world of yacht decoration. They are Taillardat, specialising in luxury furniture, Tisse-rant Art and style, specialising in bronze, and Pierre Frey, specialising in textiles. This association of companies and skills has called on the services of the famous Pierre-Yves-Rochon, who is a renowned decorator dealing with the elaboration of yacht parts.

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