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Throughout the year, there is constant pressure at work and in everyday life. We need to disconnect to reduce stress and replenish energy. The best way is to travel, to discover and to change a weekend or a few weeks, alone or with family … For an unforgettable vacation, rent a yacht!

Unforgettable holidays

There are dream destinations where transparent waters and fine sands are waiting for you. A small tour in Corsica on the beaches of Ajaccio or in the sea of ​​the British Virgin Islands is strongly recommended. And what better than to spend the holidays only on a boat; sleep under the stars and be pampered by the rhythm of the waves. Just enjoy the sun while sunbathing or simply refuel with vitamin D.


Drop anchor in clear waters and cool, what better to go scuba diving. Children will enjoy swimming and having fun in calm waters. It would be an opportunity for the family to get away from the hubbub of the city. Enjoy the tranquility with cocktails and enjoy a light meal while enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

On board a yacht, you do not have to worry about accommodation. You have enough space for everyone to have a quiet place for relaxation.

For nature lovers, there are indispensable destinations. Sardinia for example, the landscapes are beautiful for nature lovers. Let yourself be overwhelmed by emotions. Happiness and joy are sensations to be consumed without moderation. The aquatic activities will not fail to brighten the day for everyone.

Experience a short stay in a luxury yacht

What better way to make the most of your vacation at sea than to spend it aboard a luxury yacht. He is more friendly and creates unique emotions in a luxurious setting.

The skipper and his crew will take care of your well-being. Cocktails and meals are prepared as in a restaurant. There will also be a concierge, hostesses, waiters, a bartender and a sommelier. Among the members of the crew, there are those who will be in charge of cleaning and reception. And according to your personal needs, we can add masseuses or a babysitter.

Small daily clashes like maintenance and bills will have to be put aside. We just have to let the crew pamper us and let them embark us to selected destinations to amaze us.

To keep you busy, games and activities for young and old are available on board. For active people, water sports will be to their liking and the spa and massage sessions are available to those who want to relax. In the cockpit, evenings cinemas or karaoke can be organized until the end of the night.

For the younger ones, they can choose between video games and the gym. All this to guarantee comfort on board and allow you to live authentic holidays to the taste of luxury.

The landscapes aboard the floating oasis are changing, as you can explore the waters of the archipelagos or make a small stop in a bay or harbor. You can land and make some visits to the dock or in the city and buy souvenirs or take pictures while admiring the beauty of the place.

After a dream holiday with luxury yacht rentals, you can resume your daily activities, rich in unique and exceptional memories. However, remember to choose your yacht according to your expectations.

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