Amazing sunset during a safari in Tanzania

You will have the chance to explore Tanzania’s savannah. A 4×4 Safari in Tanzania is a great way to see beautiful scenery, as well as the rich biodiversity of the natural reserve. You will see a change in scenery.

Select the best period

You might be tempted by the prospect of going on a safari to Africa. But, you should plan your stay ahead of time to avoid being disappointed. Otherwise, it is possible to end up in the middle or the worst part of the rainy season and not have the opportunity to explore the area. The best season to go on safari in Tanzania is April through November. It’s also the most popular time of year to visit the country, especially during dry seasons, which are May through October. It is difficult to see all animals in the parks due to their size.


Amazing sunset during a safari in Tanzania
The beauty of a safari in Tanzania

You can choose the park that is most suitable for the animal you are looking to observe.

There are several ways you can discover Tanzania’s nature reserves. You can do it by 4×4, foot, or boat. Although all of the scenery is beautiful and unique, not all national parks are created equal. Be sure to ask about the best places to photograph safaris. For example, the Serengeti and Tarangire national parks would be ideal for 4×4 tours. These reserves allow you to traverse the most beautiful regions.

The Tanzanian parks are accessible all year and can be travelled in private vehicles. While the parks in the south require transfers to the airport, they offer greater accessibility and are more popular during dry seasons. Trust your driver. Your safari will be more enjoyable if your guide is experienced in the field.

It can sometimes be difficult to see all of the wildlife in national parks spread across vast areas. Your driver will choose your destinations. Communicate by talkie-talkie with colleagues. You will be able to share magical moments with your driver while you walk through the Savannah.


Bring mosquito repellent

Moskito repellent is essential for your African safari and all other travels. Mozzie bites can be very unpleasant, but they are vectors of diseases. To avoid getting bitten, spray repellent on your skin. Also check that your mosquito nets are in good condition.


Do not over-exert yourself

A 4×4 is the most common vehicle to take you on your photo safari. Although this vehicle is very practical, it can be difficult to carry your luggage. Don’t overpack and make sure your bags are small. This advice applies even more to those traveling to Africa by domestic planes, especially to the south where there are many national parks.


Consider tips

It is also important that you consider the needs of local people during your trip. Many guides rely on tourism as their main income source. Consider tips for the driver/guide, the restaurants, and the accommodation. You have the unique chance to see many wild animals and their habitats in Tanzania, thanks to a safari. The vastness of Tanzania promises unforgettable adventures and a memorable trip, depending on what you can afford.

If you decide to stay, you may need to find a tourist rental, make sure you book it in advance !


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