Antwerp beautiful city

Have you been looking through travel websites for several weeks for THE location for your next vacation ? Have you ever heard of Antwerp ?

Actually, my parents took me there and I didn’t really like it at first. But I was very surprised when I got to see the beauty of Antwerp. This is an opportunity to share about the beauty and elegance of Antwerp.

Steen Castle: An incredible discovery in Antwerp

Two things: History and I are like chalk and cheese. But Steen Castle should be your first choice when visiting Antwerp. It is worth the trip, I promise. This was a great trip, and I loved seeing many Eiffel designs. You may have made the connection between the Eiffel Tower, and it’s true! It’s a tiny world, indeed!

You will also find many interesting monuments if you visit the Steen Castle. There you will discover the real beauty of Antwerp !


Antwerp beautiful city
Antwerp beautiful city

Unusual architecture at the Amberes Palace for Justice

Following the Steen Castle I went to the famous Amberes Palace of Justice. Everyone was talking about it so it seemed like a nice idea to visit it.

The building is actually called many things, which I have not noticed until now. You can decide for yourself once you have been there. It’s described as a butterfly by some, while others describe it more like a myth. It’s your call to decide!


History of the Statue of Silvio Brabo

Although I didn’t understand the history of Barbo I believe that guides and historians will be able to give more detailed explanations. The only thing I could recall was that Silvio Barbo had ripped off the hand of a giant in order to get tolls for poor captains. Can you see what I mean? This feat earned him the statue.

Anyway, I’m going to learn more about the “living legend” of Antwerp. It is by far one of my most bizarre experiences.

You can decide which type of tourism you want to go for in Antwerp. Indeed, there are many different types of tourism you can go for.


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