Rouen's cathedral

Rouen! It’s a charming place, I promise! You might consider going to the city for a weekend with your loved one or for family vacation. You will not be disappointed! Rouen can your summer as enjoyable and relaxing as winter.

There are actually at least five places that caught my eye in Rouen. You will find plenty of places to visit.

Film screenings for artists

A visit to Rouen will allow you to experience a town with an extraordinary charm. There are many things to do in Rouen: projections and shows. The stay will please art lovers. The “Monet aux Pixels” far projection is one example of a show you shouldn’t miss. It’s unique, that is all I can say. It will be a great experience, I promise!


Rouen's cathedral
Rouen’s cathedral

A museum for education and students

It is likely to be the largest museum in France. It was huge! I nearly lost my way. Later, I discovered that there were nearly 950,000 works and objects in the museum. It’s amazing! They are amazing and even more incredible when you discover them yourself! It’s so amazing that you will wish you could have more heads. This was my impression when I visited France. France is our home!

Rouen et Pierre Corneille

Pierre Corneille looks a lot like Justin Bieber in Rouen. This city is a nod to this famous poet. Although Corneille did not live in Rouen his entire life, he was still very frequent there. Like Justin Bieber’s relationship with Canada

The city is able to take a lot credit for his achievements. Corneille is the one I am referring to. We take it and Justin will be absent for some time so that we can moralize with Pierre Corneille. You will also find the Big Watch as well the Museum of Ceramics, which is more than worth it.

To conclude, I would say that, in my opinion, Rouen is among the top things to do in France. It’s not that expensive and you will have a great time there !

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