St Tropez' harbour; the place to rent a boat

Nestled in the French Riviera Saint-Tropez, one of the most picturesque destinations in southern France is Saint-Tropez. Since the 1960s, the stunning Cote-d’Azur mosaics and wide variety of watersports activities have made it a favorite among celebrities and wealthy. It is impossible to make a Trip to the Cote d’Azur Saint-Tropez is not a must-see. It is still a favorite destination for holidaying on the Mediterranean. So discover its hidden treasures. Boat trip! My friends and me rented a boat with Suncap. This company is specialized in renting boats for the year. Boats for sale in Saint-Tropez To fully experience the sea and sun.

Take a boat trip to the Gulf of St Tropez.

It is rightly referred to as the “Gulf of Saint-Tropez”, one of the finest jewels of Var. It was once known as the Gulf of Grimaud. This peaceful setting has attracted many artists such as Pablo Picasso, Guy de Maupassant and Paul Signac. The stunning view from the water will allow you to see the Moorish homes that are nestled in lush greenery. The citadel Saint-Tropez is a landmark that overlooks a marine cemetery. It houses the maritime museum. If you intend to take to the sea alone, a boat license will be required. A boat can be rented with an operator.  Enjoy a peaceful experience where you don’t need to think about anything but the amazing landscapes before you.


Saint-Tropez' harbour
Saint-Tropez harbour !

Boat rentals St Tropez: The famous Pampelonne Beach

The peninsula is home to a famous spot. Pampelonne It is a luxurious sandy beach with a length of over 4.5km. It was first used by the Allies during their landing in Provence, August 1944. To get out, the American army built a track. This track is still in use today by tourists and locals. The beauty of this area covered in white sand is revealed to the world by Brigitte bardot’s 1955 film “Et Dieu…crea le femme”. Pampelonne’s beach is protected by a protectorate. This protects it from urbanisation. The French Riviera allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and abundance of vegetation of the beach. Pampelonne has a couple of bars that you can go to if you want to relax, though they have prior approval.



Rent a boat in St Tropez to explore the beautiful beaches of Sainte-Maxime

It’s more popular as a luxurious destination for families than it is as an exclusive luxury resort. There are 10km of sandy beaches that stretch into the crystal-clear waters of the sea, revealing beautiful shades of turquoise. Clear sand on beaches such as the Garonnette or Madrague takes the lure of both the Nartelle and Elephants beaches. Additional natural beauty is added by the wooded hills above Sainte-Maxime, and its old pedestrianized town. Take advantage of this excursion by yacht or catamaran to discover Cap Camarat whose fame is mainly due to its 130-meter lighthouse. With its powerful light from more than 60 km away, it has allowed many sailors to reach land. Don’t hesitate to moor your boat at the marina to have the opportunity to observe the reptiles and birds of prey that populate Cap Camarat.


By boat, discover the Esterel mountain range

Pedestrian tours in the Heart of the Esterel massif  are the ultimate dream. They limit your options as some places can only be reached by boat. You will be able to see the beauty of the calanques through a boat ride. You will be closer to the rock, you’ll see the beauty and strength of the caves. Swimming is also possible and is a unique experience will be complete.


Rent a boat in St Tropez to explore the Lerins Islands

Join the Mediterranean Club to continue your Mediterranean adventure Lerins Islands,  these are located in front the Esterel mountain. Sainte Marguerite is the archipelago’s largest island. It is mostly covered in a state forest. You will see Aleppo pines and eucalyptus on the island. This is the result of human efforts to plant 152 hectares of forest. The island also contains the fort that held the Man in Iron Mask captive.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the underwater eco-museum This is to honor the talents of Jason deCaires Taylor. Six underwater sculptures were created by the British artist at distances of 84-132 meters from the southern coast of the island. These creations can be accessed at depths of 3-5 meters. You can then go to Saint-Honorat which is smaller and more historical than its sister. To explore the Cote d’Azur treasures from Saint-Tropez, all you need to do is pick your date and choose your boat!


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