Nestled on the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez is one of the most beautiful destinations in southeastern France. Its mosaic of typical Côte d’Azur landscapes, its wide range of water sports activities and its sublime beaches conquered the stars and the wealthy in the 1960s. Even today, Saint Trop’ remains a popular destination for vacations on the Mediterranean.

Discover its treasures during a boat trip! Like every year, my friends and I rent a boat from en.suncap to fully enjoy the sea and the sun.


Discover the Gulf of St Tropez by boat

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez is often rightly presented as one of the most beautiful jewels of the Var. Formerly called the Gulf of Grimaud, it welcomes you in a peaceful natural setting that has conquered many artists including Guy de Maupassant, Pablo Picasso and Paul Signac. From the sea, you will have a breathtaking view of the Moorish houses that stand in the middle of lush vegetation. Overlooking a marine cemetery, the citadel of Saint-Tropez, which houses the museum of maritime history, stands out from the scenery and is sure to fascinate.

A boat license is required if you plan to go out to sea independently. You can also rent a yacht or a boat with a skipper to enjoy a serene experience during which you won’t have to worry about anything except contemplating the exceptional landscapes that will pass before you.


Boat rental St Tropez: the famous beach of Pampelonne

Famous place located on the peninsula, Pampelonne became the name of a sumptuous sandy beach that extends over 4.5 km. In August 1944, it was used by the Allied troops during the landing in Provence. The American army dug a track to get out of it, a track that is still functional today since locals and tourists use it with great pleasure. Nevertheless, it is the release of the movie “Et Dieu…créa la femme” in 1955 with Brigitte Bardot in the lead that reveals the beauty of this space covered with white sand to the whole world.

The beach of Pampelonne benefits from a protectorate, the objective being to preserve it against an excess of urbanization. Yachting on the French Riviera will allow you to experience the wild beauty of this beach, with an abundance of vegetation in the background. There are a few bars in Pampelonne in case you feel like putting your feet up, but rest assured that they have obtained prior authorization.


Explore the beaches of Sainte-Maxime with a boat rental in St Tropez

Sainte-Maxime, which stands opposite Saint-Tropez, is better known as a family destination than as a luxury seaside resort. It has a total of 10 km of beaches extending into a crystal-clear sea revealing a beautiful shade of turquoise. The Nartelle beach and the Elephants beach seduce by the clear sand that takes golden hues on the beaches of the Garonnette and the Madrague. The wooded hills that rise above Sainte-Maxime and its pedestrianized old town add an additional natural charm to the setting.



Take advantage of this excursion by yacht or catamaran to discover Cap Camarat, whose fame is mainly due to its 130-meter lighthouse. With its powerful light that reaches more than 60 km, it has allowed many sailors to return to dry land. Do not hesitate to moor your boat at the marina to have the opportunity to observe the reptiles and birds of prey that inhabit the Cap Camarat.

Discover the Esterel massif by boat

Walking tours in the heart of the Esterel massif are a dream. However, they limit the possibilities insofar as certain places are only accessible by sea. Your boat trip will give you the opportunity to discover the charm of the calanques from a different angle. Get closer to the rocks, enjoy the striking beauty of the caves, pass under arches… Swimming and snorkeling will complete this unique experience.



Boat rental St Tropez: discover the islands of Lerins

Continue your Mediterranean escapade by joining the Lerins islands which stand in front of the Esterel massif. The island of Sainte Marguerite which is the largest of this archipelago is mainly covered by a state forest. The eucalyptus and Aleppo pines that you will find there are the result of the human will to green a space of 152 hectares! Moreover, the island is home to the famous fort where the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask remained captive.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the underwater ecomuseum that honors the talent of Jason deCaires Taylor. The British artist has created 6 submerged statues at distances ranging from 84 to 132 meters from the southern shore of the island. The dive that offers you access to these creations is done at a depth of only 3 to 5 meters. Then go to the island of Saint-Honorat, smaller than its sister island but particularly rich in history. Monastic life has left its mark there.
Il ne vous reste plus qu’à choisir vos dates et votre bateau pour explorer les trésors azuréens au départ de Saint-Tropez !


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