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High-end real estate logically goes hand in hand with high prices. This is why it is necessary to be accompanied by an agency that masters the workings of the sector. If you live in Eze or if your project is oriented towards this charming village, here’s how to find the team that will provide you with tailor-made services.

The real estate sector

While the health crisis has plunged many sectors into a critical situation, the real estate market has shown exceptional resilience. A new historical record was reached in the year ending August 2021. The statistics show that 1.208 million old properties were sold, which is equivalent to an increase of 23% in 12 months. On the new-build side, the crisis has slowed the delivery of building permits, particularly between the beginning of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

real estate eze

One might have thought that this would cause the market to decline, but paradoxically the number of transactions rose by 12% over the same period. The trend has continued to develop positively thanks to the penurious trend. Fear of missing out on the best opportunities has led many buyers to take the plunge.

Forecasts for 2022 suggest that prices will remain in a high range. It is therefore more important than ever to be accompanied by an experienced team that will be able to conduct judicious negotiations.

Luxury real estate

Despite the fact that clients have been scarce since 2020 due to the many restrictions on travel, the luxury property market remains healthy. More than 30% of French people already considered high-end real estate to be an extremely reliable investment. However, interest in the sector has risen by 45% since the health crisis.

The prestige property segment is taking advantage of the tension in the market as a whole. Studies show that investors tend to shorten their waiting period, knowing that offers are much lower than demands. There is therefore a real race for prestige properties. Naturally, those who are assisted by specialised agents have an advantage. An excellent understanding of this quality-oriented market is required, especially as the budgets required are much higher than the prices charged in the standard segment.

Between June 2020 and May 2021, the proportion of French customers who consider that the time is right to make a purchase has risen from 38% to 64%. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, luxury real estate recorded a turnover of 400 million euros, a trend that held up until the end of the year.

Location remains important to buyers, who are mainly concentrated in Paris and the Île-de-France region. Properties located near the sea, particularly in the PACA region and Brittany, are also highly sought after. According to the results of recent studies, buyers of top-of-the-range properties are primarily oriented towards residences. In 66% of cases, the requests concern main residences.

Villas are of interest to 42% of investors, compared with 27% for flats. Prestige real estate also makes it possible to turn to properties that are both luxurious and atypical, such as castles, which represent approximately 20% of the search objects.

Discover the town of Eze

A village perched 428 metres above the Mediterranean, Eze immerses its residents in a unique atmosphere. Communion with nature is an integral part of everyday life, yet the sumptuous villas also meet the highest standards of modernity and refinement.

The town and its points of interest

The Provencal village is nestled between Nice and Monaco. You can enjoy the tranquillity that prevails in Eze while remaining close to the bustling cities that are only a few minutes away.

Eze seduces by its openness to a typically Mediterranean setting. In addition to the splendid views of the sea, you will find touches of vegetation almost everywhere. The setting is therefore conducive to a peaceful everyday life.

The double walled gateway to the narrow streets marks the beginning of a walk that is impossible to get enough of. As you enter the historic centre, you can admire the Italian fountain that has stood on the Place du Planet since the 1930s.

Above the village, the exotic garden of Eze combines cactus, Mediterranean plants and splendid sculptures. This green environment is ideal for enjoying the 360° view. On a clear day, you can see the exceptional landscape that stretches from Monaco to St Tropez.

village eze

Eze luxury real estate: the favourite districts

Luxury real estate attracts a large number of buyers looking for a change of scenery, especially those who want to get closer to nature. This is especially true in a context where work and home tend to merge for a large part of the year.

With an area of less than 10 km², the entire village is a good place to look for luxury real estate. Sit on the outskirts of the historic centre to be surrounded by majestic ruins that tell the story of the village. Instead, head to the peaks for the best views.

Naturally, your real estate agent will be able to direct you towards the areas to be favoured according to your most specific search criteria.

Luxury real estate Eze : look for a real estate agency on the internet

Take an exclusive interest in real estate agencies that offer luxury properties. When visiting the site, read the descriptions carefully and consult the photos of the villas, houses and flats for sale. The information should be complete. In addition to the standard information such as the number of rooms and surface areas, you should be able to access details of the services included.

Do not overlook the agency’s price range. Although luxury properties in Eze are naturally more expensive than standard properties, the price differences should be justifiable. If you are interested in luxury real estate in Eze, visit

Luxury real estate in Eze: look at the customer reviews

Look at the feedback from previous clients (buyers/sellers, tenants/renters) who have used the luxury real estate agency you are interested in. The reviews are generally visible on the agency’s website but you can also look at forums and exchange platforms. Whatever channel you use for your research, it is essential that the reviews are verified to ensure their reliability.

Note that the more reasoned the opinions are, the easier it will be to assess the professionalism of the agency concerned.

Eze luxury real estate: beware of the e-reputation

The e-reputation of a luxury real estate agency is built up thanks to the opinions and recommendations of clients, but also thanks to press articles and evaluations from professionals in different sectors: insurers, banks, etc. An agency that accumulates favourable opinions therefore deserves that you take more interest in the services it offers.

Luxury properties Eze : consult your network

This type of search involves asking people you know. Ideally, approach people who own luxury properties or those who have recently sold their prestigious property. Which real estate agency did they entrust their project to? Did they receive the services expected of a team specialising in the high-end segment? Were the client’s preferences and constraints respected?

Be as precise as possible in formulating your questions in order to obtain clear answers from your acquaintances.

Eze luxury real estate: word of mouth

The meteoric rise of digital technology has not made other search methods any less effective. Word of mouth is particularly interesting in the world of luxury real estate because recommendations are spontaneous. Based on their satisfaction, former clients talk about the agency around them and praise it highly.

So try to ask around if anyone has heard of an agency that specialises in luxury real estate in Eze.

Luxury real estate in Eze: the first appointment

Cross-check all the information you have gathered and contact the estate agents individually to arrange a first meeting.

Once you are face to face with the agent, talk to him or her briefly about your project and gauge their reaction. Does the agent take notes? Does he/she manage to rephrase and summarise your expectations? Does he or she manage to make suggestions that fit in with what you have already communicated?

The strength of a real estate agent specialising in the high-end segment is measured above all by his or her ability to listen to you and understand your expectations.

Eze luxury real estate: trust your instinct

You are about to invest in an exceptional property, house or villa and for this you must be able to trust your estate agent completely. Their job is not just to find the ideal property for you. He or she should also provide you with sound advice on financing solutions, be able to negotiate fair prices, and be able to assist you with all the steps involved in the transaction…

Opinions remain personal, and this also applies to the search for an estate agency dedicated to prestigious properties in Eze. Thus, the opinions you have gathered offer some indication. However, the first impression you get when you make contact is the best lead to explore. Your instinct will help you make the right choice.

As you can see, finding a good estate agent requires attention to detail, especially when the project involves luxury properties. By following this advice, you will be sure not to make a mistake in your choices.

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