Auckland harbour in New Zealand

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand in the future? Auckland is the country’s most populous area. It has everything, no matter if it’s a large city or nature, but you also have a beautiful beach that you can spend hours relaxing on. These are my top picks in the city.

Auckland, the great city

Auckland, New Zealand’s capital city is also the largest. The Sky Tower is the landmark of Auckland. It’s undoubtedly the tallest tower in New Zealand, and it’s also larger than the Eiffel Tower. You’ll see why it was my first crush once you get up there.

If you are passionate about this type of area, then you can walk the Auckland Museum. Not only will you learn beautiful facts about wars that New Zealand participated in, but there are also many cultural surprises.

It is the Marina that gave birth to its name, “The City of Sails”. The Auckland Marina has more than 135,000 boats. If you love boats you will enjoy an amazing show.


Auckland harbour in New Zealand
Auckland harbour


Nature and the sea

Auckland is more than just the city. It is about nature and beautiful beaches. It’s impossible to see all the beaches, so I suggest the Bay Islands three-day trip to Auckland. You can also visit the Waiheke and Rangitoto islands, which are stunning.

These islands are a great place to go for a day trip to view dolphins and whales. This is an unforgettable experience and one I highly recommend.

You don’t have to worry about me, those who love to lounge around are still my priority. Oneroa Bay is on Waiheke island, and it’s a lovely place to spend the day in the sun.

Takapuna Beach, which is right in front the Harbour Bridge, has white sandy beaches, and calm waters, makes it a great choice. Piha Beach is a great spot for both surfers and everyone. This beach is of unsurpassed beauty.

If you want to visit Auckland and even New Zealand, you can book a custom made trip. Thanks to this, you will benefit from a trip made 100% according to you !


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