3 medicinal plants that may be useful

What is phytotherapy? This treatment involves the use of medicinal plants to treat ailments. Since antiquity, its effectiveness has been demonstrated. It is now available in many forms, including herbal teas and capsules as well as extracts, oils, and patches.

This word, if we look at the etymology refers to the mixture of two thermal baths , which is “therapy with plants” . This therapy can be used to balance one’s metabolism when one is suffering from complex, repetitive and chronic diseases. It is important to choose the right plant for the circumstances.


A spice that has multiple health benefits, Saffron

Since Antiquity, the virtues of saffron are well-known. It was already used as a treatment for many diseases. Even though it’s not an all-encompassing medicine, it can still be used to treat many of your health issues.

This spice is often used to combat depression, it was known to bring joy and wisdom. It was also known for its female aphrodisiac properties.

It is used in Morocco to soothe the discomfort of babies upon their first tooth, and also kill microorganisms. It is also used in “Delabarre” syrup, a French recipe. My grandmother gave it to me as a child, and I used it in the preparation of “Delabarre” syrup.

This spice is also praised for its ability to treat a variety of ailments. You will also find essential oil, Safranal, and Crocetins in this spice.

These pigments also act as a digestion stimulant with a dosage between 0,5 and 1,0 g per liter of water. The sedative properties of the safranal are also present. The nervous system is affected by saffron. It is analgesic and tonic.

This plant can also be used in traditional medicine as a tomatal. It is used in Chinese medicine to treat asthma and cramps.

You can also find many benefits for diseases and disorders of the heart or blood vessels. It also helps to lower blood pressure and stimulate breathing.

You should be careful because Safron, if consumed in large amounts (more than 10g), can prove to be dangerous.


3 medicinal plants that may be useful
miraculous plants that can help you everyday

Honey is good for your health

Honey makes a wonderful addition to toast, but it isn’t just for breakfast and also has numerous health benefits. It is the focus of attention , especially of scientists.

Honey has a powerful antibacterial. It also provides strong healing properties. These two qualities make it very effective in treating wounds where germs can multiply. Its power is incomparable to resistant bacteria. Our hospitals are stocked with honey. Is this surprising? It had this effect for me at first, I have to admit. Its benefits for cancer patients are the most amazing thing.

This honey is not what we use on toast. is a special medical honey, which has been produced in special circumstances and under supervision of a physician. Do not apply honey to your wounds at-home.

The latest research shows that honey may also limit the growth of cancer cells. This research is currently in the conceptual stage. Some cancer cells were placed in honey to see if they multiplied slower.

Honey is also a health food for gourmets. Honey is rich in antioxidants, and it’s less toxic than sugar. It can be great for your health. Organic is the best. Avoid eating excessive amounts of this because it is high in calories.


Turmeric is more than a spice

My first attempt at making an indian curry wasn’t a success at all. However, I have to say that my cooking abilities have improved over the years. When I try this recipe again, it is often pointed out that spice can be harmful to your health. You’re mistaken if you believe so.

Curry is the key ingredient in this delicious dish. The ingredient that makes it yellow is , which is an excellent food for your health. This is turmeric, an Indian root.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that this compound is the focus of many phytotherapeutic research. It is especially curcumin which is one component. Research suggests that it may be a powerful tool in the fight against certain cancers.

This chemical helps fight against the oxidative stress, which is responsible for altering the cell’s DNA. It also aids in fighting inflammation which may lead to metabolic and immune dysfunction.

Turmeric has many resources. The fight against diabetes is one of them. A study on animals has shown that turmeric can be used to slow down the progression and onset of diabetes.

We also experience an unexplained awakening in our senses when we eat curry. Curcumin is good for your intellectual ability . Curcumin is a wonderful remedy for those with Alzheimer’s.

To conclude, plants and alternative medicine have to more used, they have real power. Indeed, thanks to them, you can spend winter without catching a cold or any other virus, even if you’re not spending winter on the French Riviera !

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