Chenonceau one of the Loire valley castles

Have you ever dream of the castle life? We live in an age that makes this impossible. But, it is possible to visit castles!

For example, you can go to the Loire Valley Castles and see what life might have looked like if you were born in a different era. Here’s a list of buildings you should not miss when passing by the Loire.

Let us start at Chenonceau

It is the castle at Chenonceau, which is the largest castle in the Loire.  Chenonceau has always been a royal property, and this guided tour will allow you to see the vast domain from multiple perspectives. It will be a great experience.


Chenonceau one of the Loire valley castles
Chenonceau one of the Loire valley castles

Now let’s go to the Chateau de d’Azay Le Rideau

The elegance and beauty of this castle was what I felt more connected to when I first visited it. Amazing how Renaissance architects created it.

This Loire castle is unique and will make you ecstatic. It is also the most well-known in Tour. There is a lot to learn!


The jump to Castle of Angers is the final step.

The Maine’s last castle is unquestionably the most prominent. It is impossible to miss this castle. Its uniqueness derives from the massive ramparts that were once a defense fortress. The castle in Angers has a rich history that is well worth a visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the imperfections.

You can also call it the “castle o’ King Rene“, but also the “castle o’ the Dukes of Anjou”. It is another jewel you will regret not living during the Middle Ages. Well, almost…

Last but not least, if you are dreaming of living the castle life for a night, it’s possible ! Indeed, in some castles, you can spend the night, it’s kind of a luxurious hotel that you can have for a reduced price if you are booking in advance.


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