Thailand rice plantations

While many people wish to travel abroad, very few actually do so. Thailand was one of my favorite places, and it took me quite a while to take the decision to go. Although it can seem scary initially, the journey is worth it.

For an example, Thailand is home to jewels which are nothing to be jealous. It is enough to turn any tourist’s mind.

Koh Lanta’s crazy charm

Let me first say that Koh Lanta does not look like you imagine! Although it is an island, everything you need is right there. There are hotels, beaches, and relaxation. This place is perfect for family and friends. It gives you the feeling that everything is perfect. I promise you that the walks along the beach, the hammock naps, and the massages will be unforgettable when you return home.


Thailand rice plantations
Thailand rice plantations

Bangkok’s floating market

Everything that appeals to the tourist market can be found in Bangkok. A remarkable number of tourists also visited Bangkok during my time there. For example, the market in DamnoenSaduak is known as “The floating Market of Bangkok”.

You will need to go on a boat to shop here. It’s not the best place for people who fear drowning, but it is worth it. You will need to take a bus to get to the market. Remember that agencies won’t hesitate to give you very expensive prices. It is a minor drawback to this trip.


Sunset stroll on TonSai

There are many beaches in Thailand. But the Tonsai beach is my favourite. It is a remote area with few people. You must travel by boat to reach it. It is a feeling that you will feel lost and disorientated. It is far from big cities.

It is also without electricity so candles are lit in the evening to create a romantic ambience.

If you are planning to go to Thailand, don’t forget your tourist visa ! Indeed you may need it.


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