visiting turkey

My research for new culture and exoticism led me to Turkey. It was a great choice as I wasn’t disappointed with all there was to see. It is an undiscovered gem worth the journey, but it’s not just the cuisine that makes the experience worthwhile.

My Turkey trip was a great success, so I am sharing the top 5 Turkey experiences! It is stunning and gives you an idea of the sights you can see.

Top 3 starting strong in Turkey

This top is based on my trip to Istanbul, during which I saw many things. It’s an important city so I spent a lot of time exploring the city. There are many historical districts, banks along the Bosphorus and evenings at Taksim. The Turkish capital has everything you need to make your stay enjoyable .

The route to Anatolia was then taken. It didn’t disappoint me. It is easy to get to the center. It is easily accessible from Istanbul and allows you to reach one of Turkey’s most popular regions.

This is where I found Cappadocia. There I was able to see the sovereign cities Kaymakl, and Derinkuyu. Consider visiting Derinkuyu and Kaymakl underground cities if you are planning to visit the area. You won’t find many places like it.


visiting turkey
Visiting Turkey

Enjoy a few days at Bodrum

Fiesta fans will always remember Bodrum as their visit. There is so much to recall! I found time between the beach parties and all the fun, but I also managed to go to visit Bodrum and see the many archaeological sites that were there.

It must have remembered the shape of my feet after I spent so many hours on Bodrum. It’s well worth the effort, as you can stretch out like a starfish and not be bothered.

Last place that I wanted to explore in Turkey was the Pamukkale Park, an Unesco-protected natural area. We quickly discovered many new things during our visit. It is quiet and beautiful.

If you want to visit Turkey, you may find a tourist rental, to stay in all your trip.

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