Mexico city's cathedral

It’s worth visiting Mexico while on a vacation. The country is so rich of everything that you have to choose what you want to visit !

Guanajuato in the same state

It is vibrant, alive and full of everything that we love. Guanajuato, Mexico is worth a visit. This is one of the largest cities that has a mixed population.

It’s worth mentioning that I found a true cultural soup when I entered Guanajuato’s heart. It’s a must-see for anyone who wants to know more about Mexico’s history. You will need to stop to some great plaes to eat and drink !


Mexico city's cathedral
Mexico city’s beautiful cathedral

Palenque is a stunning archaeological site

It will be a great experience for Aztec, Mayan Culture fans. You can admire remnants of an ancient city by visiting Palenque. It is better to enjoy sport than to be sedentary with all those stairs!

For a jungle tour, you will need strong legs. We are transported back in the days when the jungle was a lush, green place.


State of Oxaca

First, to dive in Mexico, you need to visit the identical city. Oxaca, a quiet and peaceful place that can recharge you after a long day in noisy place. It is peaceful and quiet, so it will not be difficult to reach the Monte Alban.

We ate local food and Mexican chocolate before heading to Monte Alban, to check out the Olmecs’ activities. It was so similar to what I had seen on Palenque ‘s websites, even though the decor is completely unrelated.



To conclude, Mexico may be among the top destinations list ! Don’t hesitate to book your trip asap !

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