Beautiful Murano view

Venice is the perfect place to explore one of Italy’s most stunning cities, Serenissima. Venice’s Carnival, St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace are just a few of the many special things that make a visit to the Adriatic Sea city. There are also small islands in the lagoon whose names are well-known to everyone, sur as Murano for example. This latter city, which is the capital of crystal and glass, must be visited.

Is Murano really an island ?

Murano, a tiny island located in the north of Venice and measuring just over one kilometer. This island is famous for its production facilities. The centuries-old knowledge of glass allows Venetian to produce high-quality glass and crystal. A guided tour of many glass factories is possible, along with demonstrations of technical mastery and tools. You can also visit the shops. Murano, a Venice without the glass, is an alternative to the larger Venice. It has beautiful gardens and the glass museum. There are also canals which divide the city into smaller neighborhoods. The buildings here have Venetian charm.


Beautiful Murano view
Beautiful view of Murano

History of Murano

History of Murano has a lot to do with glass production. In fact, Venice made it a rule at the beginning of the thirteenth century to install glass furnaces in Murano. This was done to keep Venice safe from the flames. There have been many great families of master glassmakers on the island, and there is still around 100 of them. Their knowledge has made the island a treasure trove.


Famous Murano crystal is the Island’s specialty

Murano, a tiny island with charm and beauty, is popular for its crystal. If you spend several days exploring Venice, it is almost mandatory. You will be approached immediately you exit the landing area of your vaporetto, which will take you across Murano’s lagoon.

These touts will try to get you to visit their shop rather than the one across the lagoon. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t have the opportunity to see the glassblower at work. No matter which glass factory you prefer, you’ll be taken to the workshop, where a master glassblower can demonstrate his skills.

The raw material is heated to extremely high temperatures. You will be amazed at the skill and dexterity required to make glass beads, small objects, or other decorative items. Although you’ll only be able to see a small portion of the skills and techniques required for mastering the art of glassmaking you will still be amazed by the results.  The second portion of your visit will be about the shop. While the idea may be valid for small souvenirs, it’s not ideal for larger purchases like those that require more serious consideration. You will have no regrets after visiting the island for the first time.

This is because you can compare the works of different glassmakers and also their prices. This is especially true as Murano glass can be found all around the globe and they are genuine products. It’s much more simple to consider your purchase, and far less touristy. It is the easiest way to learn about the skills of artisans who have exported their creative talents all around the globe, whether you visit a shop or an internet website. Offering glass and crystal from Murano to yourself is a great way to give yourself something priceless. It is more than just a marketable item. One can also enjoy the uniqueness of handmade objects and the process of making them.

You can trust a Murano dealer to help you find the right quality without having to go into the workshop. Don’t be afraid, these treasures are not necessarily available to all who go to Murano glass dealers.

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