hotel rangiroa

A place of legendary beauty and endless opportunity for discovery, Rangiroa island leaves first time visitors breathless as they encounter the definition of paradise on earth. With stunning views, rare natural features and a lush tropical environment, Rangiroa is part of why millions of people flock to French Polynesia every year.

A wonderful lagoon in French Polynesia

The oceans around Rangiroa range from the peaceful serenity of postcards and travel brochures to the adventurous, wildlife infused depths of the South Pacific. Made up of over two hundred islands in a string, Rangiroa forms a natural circle creating a protected lagoon in the middle. More than a great place to find a shade tree and relax, this lagoon is full of sea life and coral waiting to be explored.

Breathtaking hotels

More than just the scenery of the island, the hotels on Rangiroa are stunning as well. French Polynesia is not the place where you’ll find large resorts blocking out the view. Here, over water bungalows that put you at one with the surroundings are the preferred accommodations. Grass roofs and bamboo decks right on the sand let you experience the wonder of Rangiroa first hand.

Incredible landscapes

From pristine ocean, clear enough to see the bottom to the leaning palms hanging over white sands that stretch for miles, the Rangiroa landscape is what everyone pictures when they think of the perfect island getaway. This is where dreams come true. Not to be outdone, the underwater scenery has to be seen to be believed.

hotel rangiroa
A breathtaking island

An island of great cultural richness

At a cross roads of cultural influence, Rangiroa is part of the French Polynesian island chain. Visited by explorers for hundreds of years, the culture on Rangiroa is rich, dynamic and storied. With traditions that stretch back generations, tied to the long history of the island chain and the people who settled there, A visit to Rangiroa is an excellent opportunity to experience their story in person.

Regardless of your reason for visiting, Rangiroa is a one of a kind destination with rich experience and gorgeous scenery waiting to be visited. An unspoiled paradise in the South Pacific this region has more to give than can be experienced in a single lifetime.

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