Vietnam landscapes

You’re planning a trip to Vietnam but you don’t know where to go and what to visit ? Don’t worry ! I’m gonna tell you all I’ve discoverned while been there.

You have many options for organizing your holiday in Vietnam, regardless of whether you use travel guides or any other resources. It is essential to be familiar with the must-sees of Vietnam to ensure a memorable stay.

Hoi An

After arriving in Vietnam, I decided that I would stop in Ho Chi Minh City for two nights to get some rest before heading to Hoi An. Because I wanted to visit the city of lanterns, I didn’t really want to spend any time in Saigon.

Turns out I made the right choice. The small town of Hoi An, home to 120,000 people, has everything I needed. This city is located 30 km from Da Nang and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its diverse housing. There are buildings in Japanese, Chinese, and French styles.

It is easy to see the many assets that have been inherited by this port town. The Japanese pagoda bridge, which spans the river, that is used to connect the Japanese and Chinese neighborhoods is what I loved the most.

If you visit Hoi, you will also be delighted by the boats and lanterns. They are found all over the city, and they give off a unique and warm atmosphere when it gets dark. It will be like going back to when sailors and silk traders used to stroll the streets.

You can also add the sailing skiffs and sampans that will take you to your destination. You’ll immediately feel the exotic appeal of Vietnam. Some people might say this is a tourist destination. It is, however, one of the best museums anywhere.


Vietnam landscapes
Stunning Vietnam landscapes


I might tell you right from the start that this is the old imperial Vietnam capital city.

The Imperial City and the Royal City won me over. The area is surrounded by ramparts of large size that cover 2.5km. This is quite amazing! Some walls reach as high as 20 meters.

You will also find the Imperial Yellow City, and Forbidden Purple City once you get inside. Even though many of the imperial and royal buildings have been destroyed, this citadel’s charm and the other buildings are still intact. It was a wonderful place to imagine in its glory days.

Tourists who don’t appreciate the beauty and history of ancient stones can consider Hue a collection of stone piles under reconstruction. It was an enjoyable experience for me to visit this cultural mecca.



Ninh Binh

I visited Hue and decided to go to the land-based Ha Long Bay. As you know, my curiosity can lead me to impossible experiences. It was a great decision that I didn’t regret it.

You will find impressive karst mountains on the road to Ninh Binh. The boat can cruise along these natural channels and artifices, which sometimes go through caves in the rocks. This is a stunning place that can be used to make beautiful pictures of your travels.

The legs of women propel the boats. Only ladies are allowed to paddle. They can do this with either their hands or feet, and occasionally even a stick if they are tired.

You can take a boat trip to see the temples along the canals. This will add an interesting atmosphere to the journey. This trip would get the highest score if I could.



I didn’t visit Ho Chi Minh City, however, I visited Hanoi, which is Vietnam’s capital. We get two opinions from travelers when we ask them about Hanoi. It is something I support and it should be included in my list of must-see destinations in Vietnam.

It is also the capital of Vietnam. This is where one can learn about the entire history of north Vietnam. It was built in 1010 and became the capital for French Indochina between 1954 and 1976. This city has a diverse and rich heritage.

Streets in this old city were used once to trade or sell different commodities. Some streets, such as streets for textile, ironwork, or shoes, still exist. There were 36 guide who had their own street. Even though the traditions have been greatly altered by modern economics, some elements of this atmosphere still need to be found.

It also features a bazaar and Asian souk that I found fascinating. There are many shops that can help you. You can find everything from the bike-riding flower seller to the streetside improvised eateries. Walking in the city requires that you have both eyes and ears.

The cuisine is another advantage to this area. There are many dishes to suit all tastes, thanks to the mix of French, Vietnamese, and Chinese cultures. It’s a pleasure to enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit juice while enjoying a delicious Pho. This city is a treasure trove of diversity and animation.

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