Temple in South India

South India is without doubt a very exciting destination. You will be captivated by its lush tropical vegetation, rich culture and ancient temples. The region offers many new discoveries and experiences. Find the top places to visit in this region.

Kerala’s Backwaters

The heart of Kerala is an incredible network of rivers, lakes and canals stretching for almost 1,500 kilometers. This is the network of artificial and natural waterways known as the backwaters. These waters are best crossed in traditional floating homes called kettuvallam. They’re made from wood and coconut fibers. You can reach South India’s natural lung through the backwaters. You will reach idyllic villages and plantations as you glide on the water. As you move, take in the changes that occur. It is especially beautiful to see the effects of the sun’s zenith or the glow of its twilight. You will enjoy the beauty of nature from your shelter under a palm tree. You can enjoy local delights like fresh fish, and refreshing cocktails made with seasonal fruit.


Temple in South India
Beautiful South India

Pondicherry is an ex-francise trading post in South India

If you are in Tamil Nadu Do not miss out on the stunning Pondicherry. This is the return to Indians It still has remnants of French occupation from the 1950s. The street names in the white city are frequently written in French. Some colonial practices have been preserved by the inhabitants. You will often see petanque games being played around town.

Puducherry, also called Puducherry, is a great place for a stroll. You can walk the narrow cobblestone streets that run between colonial homes. Many of these villas are now converted to restaurants that serve delicious pastries and spicy vegetables as well as cereal cakes. Continue your walk towards Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram after your delicious break. This place offers spiritual renewal and tranquility.

The market is also open to visitors. There you’ll find many beautiful items. Hindu fabrics. The elephant Lakshmi, who will give you a blessing with his trunk and a coin in return for your banana or coin, is also available. Continue along the coast at the end. Holidaymakers love Beach Road. Blond sand is bordered with black rocks and it’s as stunning as Gandhi’s statue that can be found near the Monument to French Indians. Stop by the palm trees to take in the beautiful night setting over the Bengal Bay. Don’t be afraid to stop at the palm trees if you feel tired after a long walk. tuk tuk “.


Sri Meenakshi Temple in Madurai

Imagine a complex of 12 multicolored gopurams (pyramid-shaped towers), the highest of which is over 50 meters high. When you look closer, you will see that the shimmering colors come from the statues that adorn the buildings. The temple dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi has gold-plated towers, visible from afar. On the spot, you will find a tank containing sacred water.

The many halls and more specifically the richly decorated mandapas will not leave you indifferent. The complex is a city within a city. Devotees flock there by the thousands to find a spiritual refuge. Tourists come here to satisfy their curiosity or to immerse themselves in Hindu culture. Allow at least half a day to explore this huge site where you will not see the time pass.


Mahabalipuram: A trip to stone carvers paradise

The trip of your dreams will take you to Mahabalipuram UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of South India’s most popular beach spots. The city is also home to an original archaeological site. When you see the massive monuments made of stone, it will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. The Ganges Descent is a magnificent masterpiece measuring 27 meters in length and 9 meters high. These sculptures depict fascinating subjects and tell the Ganges’ story. The monolithic temples, better known by the name “five Ratha”, are worth a visit.

These temples are treasures that were built to honor deities like Shiva, Vishnu and Indra. These temples are all different in size and shape, but they were only excavated one boulder at a time. To appreciate each detail, take time to study every building. Lion feet, androgynous characters Stand in front of Airavata’s elephant. It is believed to be an albino beast that carried Indra according to legend. You can also pass Nandi sculpture, which features the image of a white bull and was once used to mount Shiva. The Lion was carved in tribute to Parvati. Although the site was established in the 7th Century, the entire area is still well maintained.

Be comfortable and dress appropriately as you will be crossing dirt roads to reach the complex. Between November and February is the best time to visit South India. Avoid the Monsoon Season that offers many opportunities for you to stroll along paths leading to beautiful constructions or to lush nature. Enjoy your stay! You can also read my article about Vietnam travel.


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